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Our goal is to provide a wide variety of providers to individualize treatment sessions. We’re also striving to promote a sense of comfort and trust during live one on one video sessions. Our clients have a choice of natural environments to receive services in such as, the privacy of their home, car, or a setting that feels secure.

The use of Telemental health can overcome the lack of mental health promotion thus quickly providing necessary services. Our nation’s youth are facing serious social issues that need serious support. Providing our youth with privacy and security in natural environments will allow them to overcome many barriers that they face when dealing with mental health issues.

Telehealth services are not appropriate at early stages of some disorders that will require in person intensive care. Continuum of Care is often missed after the initial problems have been solved due to life changes. Telehealth services can ensure that you continue to reach your life goals with professional services provided by Global Outreach.

A less obvious benefit that still affects a large portion of mental health patients is simply the stigma of seeking treatment. In rural areas, everyone knows everyone, so even if all HIPAA guidelines are followed, it may be obvious to others when mental health services are sought. Even in urban areas the anxiety and fear of being stigmatized is a strong deterrent to those who could be helped. Sometimes these feelings are commonly exacerbated by the mental health condition itself. Utilizing Global Outreach TeleRehabilitation Services, Inc. telehealth options, appointments can easily be kept from the privacy of one’s own home or from a trip to the primary care physician’s office. (Depending on your insurance policy) This may be a much more desirable option for those who fear social reprisal stemming from mental health treatment.

Inconvenience can be a stressor and a barrier to receiving care or reaching goals in life. Studies have proven that patient satisfaction rates convenience as the #1 factor benefit of Telehealth.
Global Outreach we offer many options to assist achieving of your life goals such as Flexible hours for sessions

  • Decreased wait time
  • Avoiding the waiting room
  • Decreased transportation costs
  • Sessions from the comfort of home
  • Child care issues decreased
  • Provides access to specialists
  • Flexible hours for scheduling appointments
  • Facilitates continuity of care
  • High consumer and family satisfaction

Emphasizes the natural environments supports family engagement, expands the building capacity of the family unit. Reinforces family coaching as the natural facilitator which strengthens positive adult-child interactions. Global Outreach’s mission is to assists working families in getting services that are needed. Some insurance companies do not reimburse for telehealth sessions performed at home. We have joined the fight to bring awareness of Telehealth’s role in natural environment learning.