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What is Telemedicine/Telehealth?

Telemedicine, also known as telehealth is a way to consult with your doctor or other specialist through a secure video conferencing system utilizing a tablet, smart phone or laptop. Telehealth services enable patients to receive care from providers more conveniently eliminating difficulties with access to specialize care.

Is Telemedicine safe?

Yes. Telemedicine is regulated by state and federal laws, ethical standards and clinical practice guidelines. Furthermore, this method of delivery is backed by decades of research and demonstrations. Telemedicine is a safe and a cost-effective way to extend the delivery of health care.

When a telemedicine appointment is happening, is it being recorded and/or stored somewhere?

No, the appointment will not be recorded. The first reason telemedicine sessions are not recorded is for the patient's privacy, similar to having a camera in the treatment room. We also request that you as a client not record your session with the provider. We take pride in safe guarding your privacy and we expect the same respect to our providers.

Does my insurance company cover these services?

Many insurance companies have coverage policies for Telehealth delivery. Telehealth is considered a face-to-face intervention and is reimbursed under the same guidelines. BCBS, Medicaid, Medicare, Aetna, Optum and Cigna just to name a few; all have different requirements that have to be met in order to cover services. Contact our office today and we can take the hassle out of reimbursement requirements.

Is this secure and HIPAA Compliant?

Yes, we’ve contracted with Kareo to provide our clients with a HIPAA compliant platform that supports the delivery of Telehealth. We take pride in protecting your privacy and confidentiality, this platform is user friendly and easy assessable.

Where can I get information on my state’s telehealth policies?

The following organizations provide resources to help you learn more about your state’s specific policies and regulations:

Do services require a referral?

Some services do require a referral from your primary care provider but most importantly some services need prior authorization from your insurance company. We will work with you to gain authorization from your insurance company once we receive your physician order.

Are evening or weekend appointments available?

Global Outreach’s providers have very flexible schedules. Please speak directly with your provider to see if weekend appointments are available, or check our provider page for more details.

Can I request an in-person session with my provider?

It’s our goal at Global Outreach TeleRehabilitation Services to provide treatments that are comfortable for you to start and maintain your pathway to recovery. We encourage speaking directly with your provider openly about your needs and we will always do our best to accommodate.