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Real-Time Clinic Based Telehealth

Traditionally society seeks health care by traveling to a provider’s office or medical center. Due to the declining availability of specialized providers also the increasing necessity, society has started to recognize a new era of health care delivery, Clinical Video Telehealth (CVT) the use of telehealth technology to diagnosis, manage care, perform check-ups and provide clinical interventions/treatments.

For many individuals travel to/from a specialist appointment can be a very complicated and sometimes arduous task, particularly if the person lives in a very remote or rural area, an area with sometimes severe weather, or even an urban area where congestion and traffic makes travel difficult. Some injuries such as Traumatic Brain Injury, Cerebral Vascular Accident or Spinal Cord Injury further complicate travel. Reduction of travel time can relieve tremendous stress from an individual’s life dealing with any health issue.

Global Outreach TeleRehabilitation Services currently offers:

Global Outreach’s future expansion of Services include:

  • TeleOccupational Therapy
  • TeleSpeech
  • TelePsychiatry
  • TeleDermatology
  • TeleDentistry
  • TeleUrology