Mental Health

Orlando Wix

"Global Outreach's provider's helped me overcome anxiety and self-doubt. Since then, I have developed mental toughness and a winning mindset, which has allowed me to compete at the highest level. Mental Health therapy helped me achieve self-goals to better perform on the field."

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Women's Health

Julia Watt

"I was feeling burnt out and unfulfilled in my career when I started working with Global Outreach. They helped me to identify my values and passions and create a plan to transition into a new field. I now have a career that aligns with my values and brings me a sense of purpose and fulfillment."

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Divorce Recovery & Mental Care

Robert Paterson

"After a difficult divorce, I was struggling to move on and find happiness. My provider helped me to process my emotions and work through my trauma. They also helped me to rediscover my passions and create a new vision for my life. I'm now in a fulfilling relationship and living a life that I love."

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Behavioral Health

Sofia Gart

"As a new manager, I was feeling overwhelmed and unsure of my ability to lead a team. My provider helped me to develop my leadership skills and communication style, which has allowed me to be more effective in my role. I now have a thriving team that is achieving great results."

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Mark Woker

"I was struggling with anxiety and self-doubt when I started working with a mental healthcare provider. My provider helped me to identify the root causes of my anxiety and develop strategies to manage it.

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Life Coach

Linda Watson

My provider helped me to clarify my vision and create a plan to achieve my goals. With their support and guidance, I started a successful business and built a career that I love.

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